A moan about Google Plus

I’ve been using Google+ for a couple of months now. I have a number of circles based around my interests, some of which are personal, and some professional. Some people I’ve added because I know their names from other contexts such as conferences or twitter and I can search for them, and some because they’re in the circles of someone I already follow.

And that’s where the moan starts. Google plus depends on making meaningful connections via circles. I have looked at many, many profiles where I see something like ‘Freddy hasn’t shared anything with you’ under ‘Posts’, ‘Freddy has not filled in his profile yet’ under ‘About’, and nothing in the info line under the name. So who am I looking at? Freddy McFishy, the renowned ocean scientist? Freddy Mercury? Freddy Krueger? I have no idea.

My profile isn’t complete yet, but it has links to my twitter account, delicious links, blogs, and my info line says ‘eLearning technologist, interested in oceans and the environment’ so someone has some idea what to expect from me.

I’ve now started to make some of my posts public as well as share them with specific circles so that if someone stumbles across my Google+ account in the future they can at least make an educated guess about whether to add me or avoid me like the plague. How about you?